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There's plenty to play with in Onslaught but a little knowledge of of the inner workings can go a long, long way. Reading the hints and tips in here will improve your experience

Basic Turrets *

* How to defend your base

There are several different weapons available, each has different strengths and weaknesses and they need to be used in the right situation to keep your base safe.

Red Turrets

High rate of fire, excellent range and the most damage of any turret, but certainly not cheap to upgrade! Upgrade their range and rate of fire by three levels to activate holding pattern, where the turret will keep rockets in the air, circling and ready to attack at all times.

Green Turrets

Average range, rate of fire and damage, but very cheap to upgrade. Green turrets can link together, where they fire at each other in a chain, each link along the chain adding an extra 25% to the laser beam's power.

Blue Turrets

Good rate of fire and good damage, but limited range. Upgrade their damage by four levels and their rate of fire by four they will occasionally freak out. The turret fires at four times its normal rate, with three times the normal damage. It freaks out for about 5 seconds, and you get a few seconds warning.

Yellow Turrets

A poor rate of fire to begin with and quite a low range, but these turrets can poison attackers, causing them to move slowly for a period of time before they recover. The more you upgrade the damage on this turret, the more powerful its poison is and the longer the attackers stay stunned for. These turrets also have the same freak out ability as blue turrets.

What Next

These turrets alone should get you quite far but as you play the game you will unlock more turrets, turrets that change how these weapons behave. These are the modifier turrets.

What do the modifier turrets do?