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There's plenty to play with in Onslaught but a little knowledge of of the inner workings can go a long, long way. Reading the hints and tips in here will improve your experience

Modifier Turrets

These turrets don't fire at attackers, instead they change the stats of the turrets that are within their range. They do things such as altering the damage, range or rate of fire of any weapon that is within the range of the modifier turret.

Plain Modifiers

Need to increase the damage of a turret but can't upgrade it any further? Build one of these and any turret in its range gets a 40% boost to its damage.

This little radar station extends the range of any turret in its range by 100. The extended range is marked as a dotted line when you view a turret's range by pressing R.

And to increase the rate of fire, this turret is your friend, increasing the rate of of any turret in range by 120%.

Same as the damage booster but you get a 100% increase in damage. On the downside, this modifier isn't cheap.

Exchange Turrets

Exchange turrets are like modifiers but they increase one attribute of the weapon in exchange for a decrease in another. The upside to this exchange is that these exchange turrets are much cheaper than the normal modifier turrets.

Any turret in range gets a 100% boost to its damage, but it costs 30% of the range and 30% of the rate of fire.

Any turret in range gets a boost of 100 to its range, but at the cost of 25% of the rate of fire.

Any turret in range has its fire rate increased by 60% cost of 40% off the damage and 10% off the range.


Weapons and modifiers will only get you so far. To get to the really high scores you need to combine towers to use the special combo weapons.

How do combos work?