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There's plenty to play with in Onslaught but a little knowledge of of the inner workings can go a long, long way. Reading the hints and tips in here will improve your experience


Combos are powerful weapons that are triggered by a group of several turrets that are placed close together. To trigger a combo you have to have a group of turrets that meets these conditions:

  1. All turrets in the group must be very close together (less than one turrets-width apart)
  2. All turrets in the group must have their damage upgraded to the maximum level

Which combo will be triggered?

This depends on which turret in the group is the first one to see an attacker and fire at it. In the first example in the list, one red turret and one green turret will fire the "Laser Rockets" combo. As this is a red turret combo, the red turret must be the first turret in that group to fire. This is best achieved by increasing the range of the red turret so that it is the first turret to see the oncoming attacker.

By changing the range of the turrets in the group you can control which one fires first, and therefore which combo is triggered.

Red Turret Combos

Where a red turret is the first to fire:

+ = Laser Rockets

+ = Tazer Rockets

+ + = Poison Gas Rockets

+ + = Nuke

+ + + = Napalm Rocket

Green Turret Combos

Where a green turret is the first to fire:

+ + = BFG

+ + + = Rocket BFG

Blue Turret Combos

Where a blue turret is the first to fire:

+ = Land Mine

+ = Cluster bomb

+ + = Sparky Cluster bomb

+ + = Big Landmine

+ + = Sparky Landmine

+ + = Big Cluster Bomb

+ + = Laser Cluster Bomb

+ + + = Big Laser Cluster Bomb

+ + + = Big Cluster Bomb Landmine

+ + + + = Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine

Yellow Turret Combos

Where a yellow turret is the first to fire:

+ + = Tazer BFG

+ + + = Black Hole

+ + + = Shockwave